Reported by: Thalia Hayden
Channel: WPTV
Date posted: January 20, 2010

West Palm Beach, FL – Jack Hairston’s bicycle shop opened for business Wednesday morning, even though hours earlier he was roughed up after 4 people broke into his store.

Hairston, affectionately known as “Jack The Bike Man,” is not doing well.

He has a black eye, arm in a sling, and blood covering his arms and shirt.

The 68 year old said a group of teens broke into his store early Wednesday morning. Police notified Hairston who quickly arrived on the scene.

Hairston said some of the teens ran out of the building but two were hiding in the back, so he reached for his phone to call 911.

“I started screaming real loud. And one of them said to me, ‘Don’t make that call.’ And I kept calling anyway, and screaming. And when I started screaming they took off running,”

Hairston say he was hit either by a handlebar or a bike pump. Hairston said.

Two teens are in custody. The two suspected of hitting him are still at large.

Hairston is well-regarded in the community because every year at Christmas time he fixes up bicycles and donates them to needy children.