Written by: Albert Pefley

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CBS12) — Jack the Bike Man, a nonprofit group in West Palm Beach, continued its annual tradition of giving away new and used bicycles to underprivileged kids for Christmas.

The annual bike giveaways in December first began in 2007. The founder of Jack the Bike Man, Samuel “Jack” Hairston, passed away in July at the age of 81. His staff and volunteers are carrying on without him.

Wednesday, they delivered about 110 bikes to the El Sol Center in Jupiter, an organization that assists migrant families.

Hairston began repairing and fixing used bikes for children many years ago and he had so many requests for bikes that he started the Jack the Bike Man, Inc. Children’s Bike Charity in 2007. They welcome financial contributions as well as donations of new and used bicycles. You can learn more at www.jackthebikeman.org.

They intend to give away about 700 bikes this month for holiday gifts to children who might otherwise not have a bike.

“This is actually the first time since Jack’s demise that we’re doing it. This was Jack’s dream was gettin’ these kids their bikes and since we’re still continuing to do it, yeah it keeps the legacy going,” said Ben Martin, a Jack the Bike Man employee for the past 13 years.

Martin worked on many of the bikes that are being distributed to the kids. He says Jack would be pleased.

“He’s looking down now and smiling because we’re still carrying on what his wishes were,” Martin said.

This year Jack the Bike Man is giving away about 700 bikes, including 110 bikes that they delivered today to the El Sol Center in Jupiter. Each child gets a bike and a bike helmet.

If only Jack could be here to see all the smiling kids.

“I think he’d be proud of all of us at Jack the Bike Man that we’re continuing his legacy and we’re helping the people that he intended to help,” said Alejandro Hernandez, President and Exec. Director at Jack the Bike Man.

Lots of kids were waiting at the El Sol Center to receive a bike from Jack the Bike Man, including Annaly Nieto, 9, of Hobe Sound. She told us it’s been about a year since she had a bike of her own.

“I really miss riding my bike so that’s why I came here and picked this one. What do you think of this bike? I love it,” Nieto replied.

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