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Programs at Jack The Bike Man

Jack Hairston, the Bike Man
Jack The Bike Man programs for adults and children

Earn a Bike Project

For adults and children. The program provides a pathway to exchange work for a bicycle. We receive referrals from non-profit organizations that help individuals in early recovery programs and homeless programs. Participants can also be students or anyone else in the community willing to volunteer their time. Participants volunteer for 15-20 hours at the bike shop and earn a free bicycle.

Gotta Get a Bike

After school program that is designed to teach bicycle repair and bicycle safety. 4 week program that meets twice per week. We promote bicycle riding to instill healthy physical fitness habits at a young age. Participants earn a bicycle at the end of the program.

Christmas Give Project

Jack the Bike Man gives away free refurbished bicycles and helmets to children from economically challenged families during the holidays who live in Palm Beach County. Last year we presented close to 1400 bicycles.

Women’s Reentry Work Experience Training Program

In a partnership with The Lord’s Place, Jack the Bike Man provides a training program for women that were released from the Justice system. This 3 month, 3 days per week program supports and encourages the women to modify their behavior; by giving women the opportunity to develop soft skills that will enable them to better interact with others. The program gives the women time to meditate and journal in the mornings and afternoons; as well as learning mindfulness in the daily activities they engage in to learn new positive ways of thinking and looking at the world. Women are engaged in working activities during the day that build teamwork, accountability, listening skills. By successfully completing the program, women earn a bicycle, helmet, repair kit and safety lock.

Community Service Hours

In a partnership with the Drug Court of the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida and the Palm Beach Probation Office we offer participants a chance to earn community service hours in exchange for their volunteer services. This is also offered to students needing community service hours or any other community member wanting to volunteer. 

Character Counts

In a partnership with Belvedere Elementary School, Jack the Bike Man gives away one bicycle and helmet at the beginning of every month to a student at Belvedere Elementary School that exemplified great character for that month. The winner is determined by their teachers and administrators.

Bicycle donations

Jack the Bike Man gives away bicycles to a variety of schools, non-profits, community organizations and churches around the county that request assistance from Jack The Bike Man

Used Bike Shop

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